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Bespoke Carpets: Tailored to Meet Your Style, Comfort, and Budget!
We meet functionality in every thread
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Welcome to Ashok Carpet…

We meet functionality in every threads 

Certified Company

Who We Are?

Ashok Carpet located in SARAIYA, Gyanpur Rd, Bhadohi Nagar Palika, Uttar Pradesh 221401,  Ashok Carpet is your one-stop destination for Handmade Carpets. We have specialists in custom handmade carpets and carpet for living rooms. We design trendy and latest carpets added materials are silk, wool, and eco-friendly substances such as bamboo silk, viscose, and jute. 

Are you searching a help in finding the right carpet for your living room? Book a free meeting with our experts who are ready to assist you.

Variety of Carpets for Living Room for Your Home

Our Offering

We Deliver Standard Quality Carpets Services

Carpet Consultancy & Crafting

Our experts welcome you to pick the appropriate carpet for your living room with multiple colors, designs, and patterns for your home. Our experts go through every sample and make your decision effective to visualize how various carpets will be perfect for your space.

Carpets Cleaning Activities

We have qualified and trained technicians who use the latest technology and advanced techniques to produce eco-friendly and sustainable products to avoid deep-seated dirt, dust, and stains.

Carpet Restoration & Repairing

We have specialized techniques and tools to absolutely repair your carpets, maintaining long-term, durability, and quality of carpets.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Quality Products Guaranteed

We deliver a broad range of quality-proof carpets, rugs, and flooring materials to our customers. We have trusted customers because of our premium materials that will be long-lasting and durable.

Qualified Staff

Customer communication is quite important in the carpet industry. We have trained staff, effective communicators who behave politely and provide problem-solving skills to the customers. We understand the importance of professionalism and accuracy.

Excellent Services

Our trained and friendly workers always help you in finding the right carpet by providing complete details like installation, repair, and materials. We deliver high-quality and top-notch customer service.

1-Year Quality Guarantee

Provide 1-year guaranteed service on our product. Our customers can use products with Peach of Mind and without any stress.

Instant Response

Feel free to contact an emergency contact number in case of water damage issues. We are available to hear your problem 24/7.

Are you searching a help in finding the right carpet for your living room? Book a free meeting with our experts who are ready to assist you.

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